Doug Wregg, born in New York, but London-bred, threw in the opportunity to become an English teacher in favour of working first as a restaurant manager, then as a sommelier. Eventually the long hours caught up with him, and in 1996 he was offered a job as a sales representative at Les Caves de Pyrène, at that time a tiny three-man-and-one-woman band very much specialising in South West French wines whilst operating out of a small warehouse in Guildford. He has been with them ever since and is now a director and wine buyer for the company, whilst the Les Caves de Pyrene family has now grown into one of the highest profile wine operations in the UK with sister outlets in Italy, Spain and Australia, owning a group of natural wine bar and organising London’s artisan producer festival, The Real Wine Fair

Doug Wregg – Les Caves de Pyrene vezetője (Nagy Britannia, borkereskedés): 30(!) éve foglalkoznak natúr, organikus borok kereskedésével. 1996-ban csatlakozott Doug az akkor 4 fős céghez mint értékesítési munkatárs. Mára világcéggé váltak és Nagy Britannia egyik vezető borkereskedőivé. Olaszországban, Spanyolországban és Ausztráliában is megvették a lábukat és az ő nevükhöz fűződik az organikus borokat kedvelők éves kötelező találkozóhelye a “The Real Wine Fair”. Első alkalom,  hogy itthon találkozhat és kóstolhat vele a nagyközönség.


Te Whare Ra (TWR), pronounced Te Faré Rha (House of the Sun), is the oldest little winery & vineyard in Marlborough, being first established in 1979 in the sub-region of Renwick. Since 2003 it has been owned and operated by two vignerons – Anna & Jason Flowerday. She’s an Aussie from South Australia and he’s a Kiwi from Marlborough. Both have wine in their veins literally & metaphorically, and after years of working for other people, theydecided to make the leap to doing their own thing.

Anna and Jason firmly believe that biodiversity is the key to maintaining a good vineyard. 
They plant between the vines and plough alternate rows. To combat pests, they use natural methods such as buckwheat, and fertilize the vineyard using their own home-made composts and manure. In the cellar they practice a hands-off approach as they seek to express the nature of their individual vineyards and sites and use native yeasts to ferment their wines.

The TWR wines are truly hand-made. Everything is hand-picked, hand-sorted and the 
attention to detail is meticulous. Anna and Jason are dedicated to making delicious authentic wines that showcase the very best of Marlborough not the mass-produced version. “Wines made with cowsh#t not bullsh#t” is their winning maxim.


Their home vineyard in Renwick, planted to Riesling and Pinot Gris, is the oldest in Marlborough (1979). As well as various styles of Riesling, they concentrate on aromatic grapes such as Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer. They make benchmark Sauvignon with more structure and gastronomic appeal than most as well as a Pinot Noir that is highly sought-after.


Kelley Fox (Oregon, USA) is a growers’ grower, a one-woman operation producing world-class Pinot Noirs from two very individual vineyards in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Seriously hands-on, she farms her designated patch of Maresh Vineyard in the Dundee Hills (own-rooted vines) by herself and serves as the winery’s one- woman staff-her tasks include foot-treading the grapes to macerate the skins. Fox says she has no desire to make “safe” wines, and these are very much individualized, artisan efforts, resembling one another mostly in achieving great intensity of flavour and aroma without sacrificing gracefulness. She works organically, also with biodynamic preparations. Looking to capture the unique voice of each vineyard in the wines and particularity of the red volcanic jory soils, she intervenes as little as possible in the winery. The resulting Pinots are marvellously transparent, free of winemaking tropes.

Kelley Fox (Oregon, USA) Biodinamikus műveléssel, natúr borokat állít elő 2007 óta. Biofizikából és biokémiából Magna Cum Laude diplomázott, majd a doktori iskola helyett a kapát és metszőollót választotta. Egy személyben borász és szőlész. A borkészítési tudását nem iskolákban hanem, ahogy ő fogalmaz “Oregontól” tanulta.



Jauma Wines (Australia) “I love cooking, music, drawing and vinification as each of these sensual activities I can do on my own or share with family and friends to create tangible, visible and audible representations of the spirit behind the world which forms me.” So, says James Erskine, former sommelier, wine judge and  brains and brawn behind Jauma (the Catalan version of James), and Natural Theory Selection conspirator.

Each of the vineyards he works with is harvested by hand using only the most sophisticated of grape analysis instruments to select the time of harvest – the senses; no Ph meters or Baume refractometry here! His primary passion is working with Grenache (Pinot of the south!) from the McLaren Vale sub-appellation Blewitt Springs.  All the fruit from the vineyards is organically farmed. In the cellar, all ferments are wild and each vineyard’s wine is made without the addition of sulphur, enzymes, fining agents, acid or tannins. None of the wines are filtered or fined and no sulphur is added now. Everything is done by gravity.

By trusting his own palate in the cellar rather than technical instruments he is able to follow and guide the will of each vineyard, the aim being to produce wines that capture both the essence of each vineyard and “my own personal, creative energies”.

Jauma Wines (Ausztrália), James Erskine így nyilatkozott:

“Szeretek főzni, rajzolni, szeretem a zenét, és a borkészítést, mint minden olyan érzelmekkel teli tevékenységet, amit egyedül megtehetek, vagy akár megoszthatom a családdal és a barátaimmal. Hogy kézzelfogható, látható és hallható dolgokat teremtsek a világ mögött álló szellemben, mely engem formál.” James Erskine, egykori sommelier, borbíró, ész és erő és Jauma borászat